Wednesday, February 10, 2010

11 Weeks, 11 Pounds, and 12 Inches...

I'm drinking hot tea looking out my back window from the comfort of my couch. It's snow day number two, and we've got an incredible 12" of snow on the ground. I'm feeling great for many reasons, number one being school has been called off for the second day in a row, number two being that the snow hasn't stopped me from getting in my workouts, and number three I've lost 11 pounds in five weeks. Then the sense of accomplishment fades and a slow panic sweeps across me as I remember there are only 11 weeks left until race day!

In the short amount of time since January 1st so much has happened. I've made working out and eating healthy my number one priority and I feel excellent. It just so happens that when you commit yourself 100% to making those two things your number one priority, everything else seems to fall into place and everything becomes even better than before. Let me explain. I've always been one to workout and eat healthy, but I would say I did it when it was "convenient" for me, and could fit into my schedule. Well now, it is my first priority and it IS my schedule. I used to workout after work here and there, and eat healthy as often as possible and so forth. Now, I'm getting up at 5am, working out harder than ever, counting my calories more strict than ever, making sure I am prepared and planning meals ahead of time and following my Weight Watchers program to the tee. No excuses! When I do that, I not only see results weight wise, but I have so much more energy. I feel like I am a better teacher, a better wife, a better friend, and a better person. I just hope and pray that I can and do keep this up!

Now, when I say I've been working out like crazy, let me elaborate. I've been going to 6am classes Monday through Friday at Urban, which consist of three days of spin and two days weight lifting. On Saturdays I've been doing three classes at Urban and on Sundays I do my own work out. And then there's running...almost forgot, I'm 11 weeks away from the half marathon right? When do I fit in running you say? That's an excellent question I've been asking myself see, I'm in LOVE with these new workout classes and they are yielding results! I didn't lose weight last year through the whole marathon training process, and I'm not sold on giving up the new classes for that reason. So there in lies my dilemma. What I've been trying to to do is fit in my runs either after school (yes, that means working out 2x per day), on snow days or delays (which total three thus far) and on Saturdays and Sundays.

It's a 12 week training program and I'm already behind...but I'll find someway to do just looks like working out twice a day is going to have to be the answer for me until the race is over. It can't hurt, right?