Sunday, November 30, 2008

9'52"...will that beat the elf?

Finally after taking (some) time off, my shin splints are no more! I did eat a lot of bananas, and just took it easy in the running department. Not really by choice, though. I tried to run actually, but I physically couldn't do it so I was forced to take it easy.

While I was at home this week for Thanksgiving, I worked out every day. My mom and dad have been walking three to four miles almost every day at the track. Every morning, we would wake up, have eggs and toast and make our way down to the track. The first day at home my shins were still acting up, but I ran any way. At least, I tried my best to run. I ran three miles at about a twelve minute pace. That's back to where I was when I started running. On Thanksgiving, dad and I walked four miles and after that my shins felt normal. The following day I ran 3.75 miles, with normal shins, and back to my normal pace. What is my normal pace? I was asked this on Thanksgiving, and I haven't really been paying much attention, just really trying to get through my runs and increase my mileage. After looking at the data from my NikePlus armband, my normal pace is a 9'52" mile. If I pick up my pace, I clock an 8'13" mile. Pretty good, considering I was a consistent 12'21" mile at the start of this journey. AND my all time record is a 7'24" mile, which was in high school when I was in the best shape of my life (and that was a single mile). My goal is to run a consistent 8' minute mile.

I feel great right now. I feel revitalized, rejuvenated and ready to run! I feel like I overcame my first big hurdle (of many) in my training. I was getting very down because of my shin splints plus the cold weather. Getting outside and running this week really helped me to realize that I can run in the cold and I should stop being a big chicken. The only other obstacle I have to running outside right now is the lack of daylight when I get home from work. But luckily, I will be teaching beginning in January so I will be home earlier and I will have more daylight to work with. That will be really great because I prefer running outside much more than running on the treadmill.

Keeping this blog in addition to my NikePlus armband both help track my progress so I can see on paper how much I have accomplished thus far. It is very motivational to see the progress, and it is more motivational when friends and family keep me in "check" by asking how the training is going. If I am having any doubts about myself, there's nothing like a friend or a family member asking about my progress to get me motivated again. Letting myself down is one thing, but letting my family or friends down is unacceptable.

This coming Saturday, December 6th, I am running a 5k. It is the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis. I am very excited for the 5k, it should be lots of fun. Everyone ties bells to their shoes to run, and wears silly outfits. I actually wish I had an obnoxious Christmas sweater to wear in the run, it would be great. An elf runs in the 5k too, and if you finish before the elf you get a prize. Pray for good weather, pray I beat the elf, and pray my iPod works for the whole run, because 3.2 miles of jingling bells will definitely drive me crazy!

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