Monday, November 10, 2008

God loves a chunky monkey

It's getting cold. Apparently the older I get the less resistant I become to the cold weather (aka I'm becoming a wuss). I keep telling Brian we need to consider moving to a warmer climate. It is really sad that half of our year seems to be spent indoors, when I love being outdoors so much. I know we can still go outside, we just have to bundle up, right? But it becomes very difficult to leave the warm house and warm blanket once your all snuggled in and comfortable. I'm stuck to my blankie like glue (yes, I have a blankie, I'm just like pig-pen- I carry it all around the house) on these cold and dreary days. The grey skies seem to loom over like a dark omen, and shutting yourself inside seems like the best, smartest and easiest alternative....

Ahh, but I am training for a marathon still, right? Yes, I have been running, all though it has become much more difficult to get motivated due to above mentioned hurdles. I have purchased some nice winter type running clothes, and once I get outside and running it seems to be okay- it's just the getting outside part that is the problem. I've been back to the gym now that it's colder outside and dark when I get home from work. I was really dreading the monotony of running in place for long periods of time on the treadmill. However, I was quite happy with the end result from the treadmill. What I do like is that your pace is set, so it's always constant, and I seemed to do well with that set pace. I made it through, but I still prefer running outside. I've also gone back to going to Yoga consistantly and that is an extra motivation to get to the gym. The Yoga and the running really go hand-in-hand. Stretching is doing wonders for the hips, the back and the mind.

One thing that I definitely can recommend to fellow runners (or runner-wanna-be's like myself) is to invest the money in some good running shoes, good running socks, and quality running clothes. The shoes help tremendously, especially with my back, hips and knees. The socks help my feet (obviously) because I had started to get blisters, and that is not fun! I think the clothes just make me feel like I'm a real runner, and if you're going to be working out and running for long periods of time, you want to look good right? Seriously though, the running clothes make a big difference. They seem to keep you warm when you need to be warm, keep you cool when you need to be cool, and most importantly dry when you are sweating.

My Nike Air Pegasus Livestrong Shoes, and my favorite running/yoga pink Livestrong shirt. The shoes also have a pedometer sensor underneath the shoe liner that sends signals to the Nike Arm Band. They were sold seperate, but well worth it. The arm band keeps track of my miles ran, time, average mile pace, and calories burned. Well worth it!

Under Armour apparrel. Helps keep your body temperature under control, dry, and lookin' good.

So let's get down to business- the running details. I'm running between 20-30 miles a week consistantly. An average run during the week is about 4 miles, and the runs on the weekends are longer. It's been that consistant for a while now, I haven't moved up much in mileage, but I'm definately starting to see an improvement on my mileage time and my endurance. My iPod has finally been updated, thank goodness. I downloaded the entire 90's Jock Jams CD with classic songs such as "Everybody Dance Now" and "Tootsie Roll". My iPod is a Godsend. I really don't think I could get through the runs without it. Running in my opinion is 75% mental and 25% physical. It is all in your mind, and the iPod really helps with the motivation, and sometimes the distraction. I have been and will continue to be surprised and what my body can do when pushed.

I'm not going to lie and tell you all is hunky-dory...this is hard. Very hard. And yes, I've been struggling. As I stated earlier, the cold is NOT helping. I'm having my own internal battles as I always do about this time. I'm starting to really feel the self-doubt and the frustration. I'm frustrated because I'm working out, harder than ever. Eating healthier than ever (with a few slips here and there). I'm getting the required amount of sleep, I'm keeping hydrated, and I've even significantly reduced the amount of alcohol I consume. In fact, I don't even really have a desire to drink a glass of wine or beer. So, I'm doing all those things right, and I haven't lost a single pound. And yes I feel great, and yes I know I've gained muscle, and yes I know it takes time- but I'm frustrated! Maybe God's plan is for Kami to be a chunky monkey, regardless of the ump-teen miles ran weekly. I guess all I can do is keep faith. And keep running. Tomorrow is a new day, I shall rise to the occasion.

I will run. I will blog.


Rev Honey said...


I am rooting for you, as I keep plugging away toward my black belt in Taekwon-Do! It's not anything like running a marathon, but it takes a similar determination.

Rev Honey said...

BTW, RevHoney is my blogging name, Kami...

Chrysanne Timm

K-tell said...

1. You are not a chunky monkey, goober!

2. I've come to the conclusion that I'm the way God built me-- I don't gain, which is nice! But I also do not lose, which stinks!! When I start to get overly frustrated I just tell myself I must be where I'm supposed to be.

3. No matter what the scale says, you are doing awesome things for your health and body. Which you know already:) But I thought I'd remind you!

4. You look great and I agree about having good workout clothes. They really do make you feel better!

K-tell said...

Mmm, I could really go for some Ben & Jerry's now:) Thanks for the idea!!